African Rural Women’s Mouvement
for Food Souvereignty

The We Are the Solution (WAS) Movement was launched in 2011 by 12 rural women’s organizations from Burkina Faso (2 organizations), Ghana (2), Guinea (2), Mali (3) and Senegal (3), under the aegis of their respective leaders. Since then, more than 500 Rural Women Associations (RWAs) have joined the Movement which has 175,000 members and supporters across West Africa.
Created as an expression of women’s rights within a global campaign for food envisaged by the continent’s peasant movements, WAS has established itself as a leader in sustainable, economically- profitable, socially and ecologically viable peasant alternatives.

The structure of We Are the Solution

WAS started off as a campaign (2011 - 2014) to a movement and held its first general assembly in 2017. Since then, decisions and guidelines have been taken and provided by the executives of the movement and 100 percent of whom are rural women. Each member country is represented by one person on the Board of Directors, who elects the Executive Committee from among its members. The technical support of the NGO Fahamu Africa, which has been supporting the movement since its inception in 2011, is gradually being reduced as a result of the strong leadership of the executives of the movement’s leaders.

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